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Toyota Vehicles of the Future Will Detect Your Mood

When cars first drove on to the scene, they were created with one purpose in mind: transport people from point A to point B. This feat in itself awed consumers. However, it marked only the beginning of the potential of the automobile.

Fast forward a handful of decades and automakers like Toyota are producing vehicles that can detect pedestrians in the road, connect to the internet, and parallel park at the push of a button. However, as awe-inspiring as the autos of today might be, the autos of tomorrow are set to reach an even higher level of intelligence.

According to our favorite automaker, within the span of six years new Toyota vehicles will be able to use highly advanced sensors to detect your mood. That's right. Come 2018, your Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla will know when you're angry or tired or frustrated. Currently in the early stages of development, the Toyota mood-sensing system takes readings from 238 separate points on the driver's face and calculates the emotion from them all equally.

What benefits will such a system bring? Most obviously, the technology could seriously improve upon vehicle safety. If your Toyota model knows you're angry or worked up, it can send out an alert to remind you to calm down before you hit another vehicle or a pedestrian. In addition, mood-sensing technology could increase your auto's efficiency by dimming the lights on navigation screens when you aren't looking at them.

East Coast Toyota has only just barely touched upon the surface of the Toyota moods-sensing technology's potential. As it continues to evolve, we promise to inform you of all the latest updates. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to stop by 85 Route 17 S Wood Ridge, NJ 07075 and check out the features present in Toyota vehicles of today.

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