5 Engine Noises that Require Immediate Attention

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One of the most important things to understand about vehicle maintenance is that not all engine noises mean the same thing. A knock might indicate a problem with your alternator. A hiss might mean a worn hose, etc. If you want to make sure you fix the noise, it stands to reason that you need to listen to what your engine is trying to tell you in the first place. Your “Check Engine” light isn’t always going to save you, after all.

Doing so isn’t necessarily difficult, but it will require you to keep a few things in mind along the way.

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5 Engine Noises that Require Immediate Attention

1. Popping

The first engine noise to pay attention to that will clue you in on when your vehicle needs service is a “popping” sound. This sound could mean a few different things, but more often than not, it means that there is an issue with either your muffler or your fuel injector.

2. Hissing

Another engine noise that will require immediate attention has to do with a hissing sound – almost like the air is escaping from a balloon. This sound is a sign that one of your hoses has cracked or begun to leak, which could cause your car engine to overheat if you don’t do something about it quickly.

3. Grinding

If you start to hear a grinding sound coming from under the hood of your car, especially when you’re shifting in a manual transmission, this is another warning sign to listen for. This could indicate that there is a problem with your transmission and rest assured it is only going to get worse over time.

4. Squealing

One type of noise that people often misdiagnose comes in the form of a squealing sound. A lot of people assume that if you hear a squeal coming from a car, it has something to do with your brakes. However, a squealing sound could be a sign that dust has been allowed to develop in various places under the hood of your car. If left untreated, it would transition into a wide range of additional issues, including decreased fuel efficiency.

5. Knocking

Finally, one of the biggest noises you’ll want to take as a sign is a “knocking” sound. Think of the type of sound that you might hear if you knocked on a piece of metal as if it were a door.

In this case, it means that various parts deep inside the engine have likely begun to wear out. These are probably not parts you can repair on your own, which is why it is so important to have a professional look things over.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Car engines can make a lot of noise under duress, and paying attention to each one can clue you into what the potential issue might be.
  • A knocking might mean a problem has developed deep inside the engine.
  • A hissing noise could mean that there is a problem with your hoses and could cause your vehicle to overheat if you aren’t careful.

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