Basic Car Maintenance Tips To Do at Home

Bringing your vehicle to your NJ Toyota dealer for scheduled car maintenance is crucial to keep it running safely and efficiently. It’s equally important to perform basic vehicle maintenance steps at home. This way, you’ll be sure to notice any changes or potential problems with your vehicle that may require professional evaluation or repairs. Follow our basic car maintenance tips for at-home car care to keep your vehicle in top condition.
Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Oil Level Checks

Changing your own oil is a messy business, unless you’re dedicated to DIY car maintenance. Remember to have your oil changed at the intervals recommended in your car owner’s manual. If you have questions about oil changes for your particular model, contact your Bergen County Toyota dealership, East Coast Toyota for any high-level car maintenance questions.

Older cars may need oil changes every 3000 miles. Newer cars, however, remind you about scheduled oil changes with your on-board oil life monitor. Today, most models need oil changes every 7500 to 10,000 miles.

Check your oil weekly by removing the dipstick. If it’s low, add more oil. If this occurs often, you may have a serious oil leak. Call your mechanic for a maintenance check.

At-Home Brake Check and Monitoring for Car Maintenance

This step involves observation and alertness to your brake action while driving. Watch for these signs of worn brakes and see your mechanic immediately with any concern:

  • Squealing sound or grinding (metal-rubbing-metal) when braking.
  • Vibrating steering wheel when you slow down or stop.
  • Forceful pressure “pulling” your car to one side when applying brakes.
  • Brake pedal feels different, with more (or less) pressure than usual needed to stop.
  • Burning or strange odor.

Tire Pressure and Tread Check

Check tire pressure monthly with a tire gauge. If necessary, fill tires to the recommended PSI in your owner’s manual, inside the car’s door frame or on your tire sidewalls.

Check treads monthly. Tread indicators on the tires will show when they’re worn to the point of a safety issue. If you notice uneven wear, or have any tire safety questions, call your mechanic at our Toyota dealership for expert vehicle care.

Have tires rotated and balanced to maintain proper alignment and prevent uneven wear, at to owner’s manual recommended frequency. We’ll do this at your oil change visits, for your convenience.

Checking Other Wear-and Tear Part for Car Maintenance

Air filter check: Our repair technicians take care of this during your oil changes at our dealership.

Hoses and belts check: Look for wear periodically by checking all the belts you see under your car’s hood. Cracks, holes or lax belts should be evaluated by your Toyota dealer.

Wiper blade maintenance: It’s best to simply replace these each spring and fall to be sure they’re in good shape whenever you need them.

East Coast Toyota Service Center

These basic car care tips will help you in between routine car maintenance checks. However, scheduled maintenance for your vehicle remains a necessary component to keep it running at top condition. Make sure you have a car maintenance schedule with East Coast Toyota’s trained technicians so you can stay safe on the road!

For questions about car maintenance, contact us at East Coast Toyota in Bergen County. NJ.