: 4 Celebrity Cars You Can Take Home Right Now From Car Dealerships in Union City NJ

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: 4 Celebrity Cars You Can Take Home Right Now From Car Dealerships in Union City NJ

When you picture a celebrity car, what vehicles come to mind? A custom hot pink Lamborghini like Nicki Minaj? For that matter, how about Elvis’ pink 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood (recently re-used by Lady Gaga herself for showing up in style to her Dive Bar Tour for her album Joanne) or Amber Rose’s pink Jeep Wrangler?  How about a classic Rolls Royce Phantom like Shaquille O’Neal?   Or how about a tricked out Cadillac Escalade SUV in all black like hip hop stars like 50 Cent and Ludacris?

Usually, we don’t imagine spotting our favorite stars cruising the Jersey Turnpike or venturing much beyond the glam of New York City A-lister parties in anything other than a limo or deluxe town car. We certainly wouldn’t expect to hear that there are plenty of celebs whose everyday rides are as modest and affordable as those sitting on the lot right now at car dealerships in Union City, NJ. But we think you’ll be surprised to find out that LA and NYC aren’t the only places you can find the rides that even the hottest celebrities choose for their own.

With the world news turning its attention to longevity, eco-friendly options, and practicality for everyday life, many celebrities are following suit in their automotive choices.   Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of exotic and totally high-end luxury celeb rides to drool over. But now, it’s also becoming more and more common to see A-listers popping around town in more modest means. Find out which celebrities are opting for a ride that is practical beyond the red carpet, premiers, and Hollywood glam events.


  1. Get a rugged like Matt Damon in his Toyota Sequoia

Matt Damon has been spotted recently sporting a Toyota Sequoia. Loading up for a tailgate party before the Super Bowl, carrying the family to a friend’s BBQ party – all in a week’s work for this actor and philanthropist. So if you’re considering how to navigate that fine line between family and financial responsibility while boasting a sexy modern power car that can keep up with the likes of the man who plays Jason Bourne – you might consider following Damon’s lead and get yourself a Sequoia.


Toyota’s full-sized SUV got a bit of an upgrade in 2018. A sexy new front end design and an updated gauge cluster are the biggest to note. And lest we forget that safety is sexy – it comes complete with Toyota’s now-standard Safety Sense-P active safety system.  Reviewers claim it to be rider-friendly with its independent rear suspension and optional air ride.  But don’t call this a grocery-getter: the Sequoia still gives you that rugged truck feeling in a smooth ride and comfortable interior.  Test drivers said it gave them tons of power and durability inside a sleek, sexy 4WD package. I won’t compare it directly to the Cadillac Escalade, but let’s just say that if you get the all-black model with platinum trim, you could be sporting the automotive style of 50 Cent without his same bankruptcy in your future.


In fact, of all the car dealerships in Union City, NJ, we found that East Coast Toyota had the best range of options on the lot with the best prices. Use their price checker on their website to get their best e-deals on the sexy Sequoia, and drive home knowing that if it’s good enough for Jason Bourne, it’s good enough for anyone, right?


  1. Jump on the Eco-Friendly Bandwagon in a Toyota Prius like Leo DiCaprio, Jennifer Anniston, and Cameron Diaz


Here are three celebrities who don’t have anything to prove to Hollywood or the paparazzi. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Anniston, and Cameron Diaz are all established in the annals of Hollywood History.  With their award-winning acting chops and all-around ‘good-guy’ reputations, these three are trendsetters without trying.  So when it comes to their everyday vehicle choices, you might be surprised to find out that these A-listers aren’t usually being chauffeured in the back of a blacked-out limo.


All three of these celebs call a Prius their personal car of choice. Sure, they aren’t the only ones.  Dozens of millionaires have one of these eco-friendly hybrids in their garage: Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts are others who make the list.  But Leo, Jenn and Cameron are three who are more often spotted driving themselves in their own Prius than any other vehicle.


The 2018 Toyota Prius ranked 7 in the U.S. News Car rankings of compact cars. “The well-rounded, fuel-efficient 2018 Toyota Prius earns a spot in the top third of our compact car rankings. It has a large cargo hold and a long features list,” says Blair Travers of U.S. News.  Those features include 54-58 mpg in city and 50-53 highway. A huge hatchback, automatic transmission, adaptive cruise control, auto-off headlights, trip computer, back-up camera, heated mirrors, stellar safety ratings and a large touchscreen in the dash.


Not much changed from the past years in the 2018 Prius, so interested buyers could easily consider older models or pre-owned options as well to get the most bang for your buck. For Jersey shoppers, car dealerships in Union City, NJ like East Coast Toyota have a wide selection of new and certified pre-owned Priuses.   So just consider this: for some of the most-established Hollywood royalty who have practically unlimited funds for transportation, choosing a Prius for under $26,000 makes quite a statement about what this vehicle has to offer in the long-run.

  1. Show off your sporty side in a Ferrari F430 like Kim Kardashian

Ok, so not all of the celebs on our list are boppin’ around town in an affordable, everyday grocery getter like a Prius.  Take Kim Kardashian, for example. When she needs to get from point A to B without her driver or private jet, she rides in style in a Ferrari F430.

Ferrari long-ago established a name in showy, muscle sports cars with sexy, exotic looks. Not unlike Kardashian herself, really.   The F430 was an update from the previous 360, and even though it’s been on the market for years now, its reliability has proven the test of time. With a rigid aluminum structure, all new engine design complete with unique cylinder heads, chain camshaft drive, and 483bhp power, the F430 has turned out to be one of the few Ferraris that can actually be called roadworthy. Rather than simply a showy garage trophy, the F430 delivers on reliability and drive-ability as well as looks.

Speaking of looks, the F430 is a beast of an Italian design. Sleek and sexy with a steering wheel-mounted selector with shift speed and throttle response. Super aerodynamic with diamond-shaped nose vents and rolling body lines that dip and curve front to back – questa macchina e’ bellisima!

Kim’s cherished F430 is available in the form of a certified pre-owned option from car dealerships in Union City NJ. In fact, Ferrari of Central NJ has their hands on a beautiful silver 2007 Spyder (https://www.ferrariofcentralnj.com/used-ferrari/). It has less than 18,000 miles on it, and you can snag your own Kardashian-mobile for $115,000.


  1. Sport a not-so-batmobile Toyota Tacoma like Christian Bale

Christian Bale, who starred as Batman in the Dark Knight movie franchise, seems to let his Bruce Wayne alter-ego keep all the exotic rides to himself. Instead, Bale stays pretty low key in a Toyota Tacoma truck. Supposedly, he has no desire to upgrade from his older model pickup, as he, like many truck owners, has bonded with his beloved vehicle and sees no reason to get rid of it.

So let’s take a look at what features this pickup boasts that could make someone as experienced with exotic muscle cars – and wealthy enough to actually own one – stick with such a low-key vehicle:

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma boasts great reviews in utility and off-road capabilities. With seemingly-endless combinations of add-on configurations, you can solve all your vehicle needs in this impressive but compact pickup. If a bit of luxury is what you’re after (why else would you be reading this celebrity car blog, after all?) the Tacoma offers a luxurious trim package and lifted stance.  But, car experts agree that if you’re going for a Tacoma – don’t stop short of the TRD Off-Road V4 4WD (It’s what Christian Bale has, too!) You’ll get an affordable option that’s still ready for adventure while maintaining a comfy user-friendliness, like a 7-inch touchscreen, heated seats, wireless phone charging, etc.

So, if you’re looking to follow Bale’s lead and settle into a Tacoma of your own for the long-haul, the good news is that there are some great options around Bergen County.  For example, East Coast Toyota is one of such car dealerships in Union City, NJ that has a flashy cherry red 2018 Tacoma (https://www.eastcoasttoyota.com/inventory/new-2018-toyota-tacoma-trd-sport-4wd-double-cab-3tmdz5bn3jm048412) ready to drive home.  For under $40,000, you can feel confident that whether or not you hit the lottery tomorrow, you’ll probably be so happy in your Tacoma that you wouldn’t even trade it in for your own Batmobile.  Well, maybe…


So if you think that you have to head into NYC or across the country to LA to find a statement vehicle strong enough to hold up to celebrity preferences, think again.  Car dealerships in Union City, NJ have plenty to offer our residents who like to make an impression without leaving a dent in the bank. Whether you want a rugged SUV or truck like Matt Damon or Christian Bale, a sexy head-turning Ferrari or an eco-friendly practical daily driver like Leo, Jenn and Cameron’s Prius, head down to your local car dealerships in Union City NJ, like East Coast Toyota!

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