7 Best Auto Podcasts for Folks Researching Used Cars for Sale in Hackensack NJ

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Thinking of buying a used car, but not sure where to start? You might start by browsing tips online, such as those covered in our blog.

If you’re not keen on heavy reading, however, you might consider checking out a few podcasts on the subject instead.

Unlike reading a blog or sitting through a vlog, podcasts allow you to multitask. So, if you can make your morning commute or daily housework go by that much faster while learning new information at the same time, well then you’ve hit the multitask jackpot.

The only problem is – where do you start? There are hundreds of podcasts on the subject of cars. So, how do you whittle down the list to make sure you don’t spend the money and the time on one that just doesn’t speak to you?

We at East Coast Toyota thought we’d put together our top 7 list for our New Jersey area car shoppers. We think any of these will offer invaluable help to those of you looking for used cars for sale in Hackensack NJ – or anywhere else to be honest. We honed in on some of our regional favorites, but there are plenty nationwide to pick from.  Some of these podcasts are technical, some all-around fun. Read on to find which one speaks your language.



Our absolute favorite, and the very best of them all! This former radio show on NPR was great for listening to with the whole family and required no technical knowledge of cars. I remember it fondly myself, and to this day my dad will occasionally lay on his Bergenfield accent and remind us all, “Don’t drive like my brother!” (a catchphrase from the show)

Sadly, CarTalk is no longer live after the hosts retired in 2012. However, the episodes (all 1,829 of them!) are available on their website as a podcast.

Statutory warning: Listening to CarTalk may result in convulsive laughter and losing track of time.

This podcast is great because…oh, how can we ever explain? It’s everything a car buyer or owner could want. It covers the basics, common car problems, and reviews – and blends it all together with a hearty dose of family-friendly humor and harmless fun. The hosts, with their endearing accent and sharp New England wit, won people’s hearts all over the country.

The show was hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi (widely regarded as “America’s funniest auto mechanics”) and aired weekly from 1977-2012. Even today, however, shows are released with previously unreleased content – including puzzlers.

If you’d like to get a taste for the show before you commit to a full episode, you can check out their “puzzlers”. These are weekly puzzles – often submitted by callers – presented on their show. They require a mixture of common sense, general knowledge, car knowledge and mathematical calculation to solve. They can be read on the website, and serve as a good introduction to the show.

The benefits of this show to someone researching used cars come in the form of hearing the brothers routinely generalize the best and worst years, makes and models for maintenance. You’ll learn which years the reliability of Jeeps tanked, which makes are impossible to find parts for these days, and models that seem to be indestructible.


The Autoblog Podcast

This weekly podcast, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore and co-host Dan Roth, is available on iTunes. It covers automotive news, mechanical advice, and vehicle reviews. So whether you need help narrowing down your list of models, learning how to spot car problems, or simply want to stay up-to-date with industry news and updates, this podcast will serve you well.

It started airing in February 2006 and has a treasure trove of information in its 669 (and counting) episodes. If you’re looking for used cars for sale in Hackensack NJ, you’ll definitely find this a useful resource.

Reporters for this podcast can be seen at nearly all auto shows, press unveilings, and vehicle showcase events – which makes the podcast a trustworthy source of information.

Their website has a handy car research feature at the top, where you can enter a car’s make and model, and get all its details. Additionally, the website also has a separate section for reviews and videos so you won’t waste much time hunting the info you seek.

Afraid it might be too technical for you? Don’t be fooled by the website’s appearance; the Autoblog Podcast is really rather universal in terms of its subjects. For instance, check out this article. which details how to remove dog hairs from car interiors. You never know what kinds of tips you’ll find for dealing with problems that come up with your used car.


Under the Hood Automotive Talk Show

Trying to find good used cars for sale in Hackensack, NJ can be a daunting task. You want to be sure you end up with a healthy, working car, and not one that’ll die on the turnpike. You don’t want to end up spending hundreds of dollars on repair every month. Under the Hood is a podcast that’ll help you with this. It covers common car problems and will give you a working idea of what spells trouble in car-speak.

The show’s hosts are known as the ‘Motor Medics’ – Russ Evans, Shannon Nordstrom and Chris Carter. They present a fun, informative session wherein car problems are explored. You’ll learn how to DIY repair and maintain your car.

The show airs weekly on the radio, and you can catch re-runs on Stitcher Radio, iHeart Radio, and iTunes. The show has been around since 1990 when it began as a half-hour local program with Shannon as its host. Over time, its viewership and reach grew, and the other hosts joined in.

Topics range from ‘How Much Longer Do Worn Tires Take To Stop On Wet Pavement?’ to more entertaining ones such as ‘Did You Hear The One About The Girl Who Got Her Head Stuck In A Tailpipe? We Did’. You can browse through the topics and listen to the podcasts here.


Everyday Driver Car Debate

Everyday Driver Car Debate is a sure-fire bet for helping you research used cars. This is a great podcast for research purposes, because it focuses on the lifestyle aspect of owning different cars.

Hosts Paul and Todd review cars with an ‘everyday’ focus. No luxury Lamborghinis or Porsches – this podcast deals with everyday cars for normal folks like you and me, commuting around Bergen County. The reviews are often based on inquiries sent in by listeners and feature some of the most popular cars.

Another way in which this podcast stands out from the rest is how frequently its episodes are released. Paul and Todd come out with a new episode every three to four days, and the episodes are approximately 45 minutes long. Perfect for listening to on the way to the shore. The duo also post videos on their YouTube channel.

In addition, their website has a wealth of information in the form of articles, which you can read here. These are instructive and informational, and include ‘easy’ pieces such as Top 3 Winter Driving Tips, for the newbies.


The Car and Driver Podcast

Car and Driver is widely regarded as a leading automotive magazine. This weekly podcast is hosted by the magazine’s editors and features special guests such as comedian Jay Leno, contributing writers, and, sometimes, the audience. You can download and listen to the episodes on iTunes, or if you don’t have iTunes, you’ll also find them listed on the show’s website

The show reviews some of the hottest cars and provides insights into the future of the automotive industry. If you enjoyed the magazine, you’re almost certain to like the show. The hosts have an intelligent, irreverent yet humorous approach that makes the podcast stand out from the crowd.

Since its launch at the New York International Auto Show in 2016, the Car and Driver Podcast has been steadily inching its way up on the iTunes chart. Visit its website and browse around to see if the episodes speak to your needs. We recommend this podcast for car reviews and comparisons.


Diesel Performance Podcast

Another podcast that will help you in your search for the best used cars for sale in Hackensack NJ is the Diesel Performance Podcast. Hosted by Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke, the podcast releases new episodes every week. These episodes are available on their website – which is surprisingly simple, and easy to navigate.

The podcast, as you’ve probably guessed by now, covers the very niche subject of diesel cars – and more specifically, diesel engines. The three main diesel engines Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins are the focus of the discussion, and topics include engine maintenance, performance, and modifications.

If you’re thinking of buying a diesel vehicle, this is the right podcast for you. The podcast topics have varying degrees of technicality, but if you don’t have much knowledge on the subject, you can start out with the more basic ones (using the on-site search feature). As you get more versed in ‘diesel speak,’ you can check out the more advanced portions of the show. The shows have a healthy blend of entertainment and information, so it’s not dry car banter.


Cruise Control Radio

This one’s perfect for the non-car fans out there, because it’s more of a talk show than an automotive podcast. If researching used car is more of a chore than a passion for you, you’ll still find this podcast bearable. It covers a really wide variety of subjects. It has a core of car talk, covered in a thick layer of general banter.

The show is hosted by Les Jackson and Fred Staab and airs every Saturday from 10 AM to noon (eastern time) on national networks and digital cable. It’s been on air since 2005, and all its past episodes can be downloaded on iTunes

The show features vehicle reviews, car specs, industry news and interviews with industry executives, with a lot of trivia contests and giveaways thrown in for fun. In addition, co-host and expert mechanic Les Jackson answers listeners’ questions about cars live on air.

Recent guests on the show include Hunter Nickell (Executive VP of the SPEED Channel), Bill Goldberg (wrestler and actor), and Jay Mays (VP of Design for the Ford Motor Company).


We never recommend buying a used car without a bit of research. Even if you’re browsing our collection of certified Meadowlands used cars at East Coast Toyota, we would expect that you’d want to know about which cars retain their value over time and which models have proven longevity and reliability.  That’s why we thought that those of our clients in Bergen County might like this list of great automotive podcasts to assist your research in finding the best used cars in Hackensack, NJ.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the car you’re looking for, have a look at our collection of used cars for sale in Hackensack NJ right here on our website. Feel free to send us a message, and our ever-willing team will help you out with details on our selection of Meadowlands used cars. You can contact us here


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